Master Plant Dieta

Master Plant Dieta

The master plant dieta is a fundamental part of Amazonian shamanism wherein the ‘dietero’ adheres to a very specific diet, enters isolation in the forest, and ingests a liquid preparation of a plant in order to receive the teaching and healing powers that the plant’s spirit holds.

A plant diet is a process by which you open yourself to the knowledge and healing power of the plants, and come into communion with the spirit of the plant. Plant diets have the potential to bring about profound healing, transformation and learning in ways beyond the comprehension of the rational mind. 

The plant dieta is a profoundly powerful transformative process by which one undergoes a journey of healing, learning or spiritual awakening with the help and guidance of one of more powerful healer or teacher plants. Through the plant dieta, one can heal and transform oneself on all levels physical, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Through the dieta one can open oneself up to ones innate connection to the universe, to ones true nature, and to ones innate power. 

A master plant is a special type of plant which transmits knowledge, guidance and teachings to the dieter. With master plant dietas, the boundary between healing and learning can become blurred. Sometimes healing is in the teaching itself and vice versa. Master plants can open up your visionary and dreaming abilities, and then 

How Can a Dieta Help Me?

The dieta is an essential and core part of the healing and shamanic practices of most indigenous tribes of the Amazon jungle, and has been used for thousands of years for:

  • Healing the body, mind and spirit and warding off disease
  • Empowering oneself with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and abilities endowed by the plants
  • Deepening ones connection to oneself, to the plants and to the universe
  • Expanding the consciousness and awareness
  • Purification of the energy body
  • Spiritual protection
  • Rite of passage into adulthood and the shamanic path
  • Increasing energy, stamina and focus

Among many other things.

Through the dieta, one can purify the body, mind and spirit of toxins, parasites, emotional and psychic blockages, deep rooted traumas, self limiting beliefs and mental viruses and negative energy residues. Through the dieta one can transform ones life and awaken to ones true potential, and reconnect with ones true nature and source. The plant dieta can open up ones psychic and spiritual abilities, and provide you with gifts which will empower you to follow your new found calling in life.

How Does It Work?

In order to open oneself and come into communion with the plants, you must be willing to make a commitment to the process. A limited diet is required to allow the plants to move through you uninhibited. Certain foods and substances need to be limited or avoided in order to make space for the plants to enter the body. Many of the dietary restrictions will depend on the plant you are dieting with and the nature of the dieta itself, others are best avoided regardless of the plant one is dieting with.

The plants work not only on the body, but also the mind and spirit. For this reason, the diet extends into all aspects of ones lifestyle. Certain activities and energetic exchanges need to be avoided in order to safely undergo this profound healing and learning process.

During Dieta

The kinds of dietary and lifestyle restrictions you will need to adhere to depends on the type of plant you will be dieting with, as well as the nature of the dieta. For milder plants such as piñon blanco, bobinsana or ajo sacha, the conditions do not need to be as strict as with stronger plants such as chiric sanango or ayahuma.

As a general rule, the dieter will need to adhere to these dietary and lifestyle restrictions, regardless of what plant they are dieting:

  • Little or no intake of salt, sugar, spices, oils, caffeine, alcohol, meat, processed foods
  • No sex or sexual arousal, this includes masturbation and thinking about sex
  • No use of toothpaste, insect repellent, sun screen, shampoo, or any products like these unless they are made with entirely natural ingredients
  • Limited contact with others – some dietas will call for complete isolation, others not, but spending time alone is important for any dieta

Post Dieta

The post dieta is the process one should adhere to after the dieta is officially closed. This is a very important part of the dieta.

Generally, after completing a master plant dieta, the dieter should avoid sex, alcohol, caffeine, pork and spicy food for at least 1 week after officially terminating the dieta. This is the bare minimum, many master plant dietas will call for a longer and stricter post dieta period.

Types of Dieta

The reasons for doing a dieta are as diverse as the plants themselves, but for the sake of understanding, they can be put into these two categories, two types of dietas:

  1. Dieta for Healing
  2. Dieta for Learning

Dietas for healing are used for healing all forms of ailments, physical, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Dietas for learning are for awakening ones innate potential and power, for example awakening ones ability to heal others.

These dietas differ in many ways. The plants used, the way the plant is prepared and ingested, the dietary and lifestyle restrictions, the duration of the dieta, all these factors will vary depending on what type of dieta it is. 

Dietas for learning involve dieting with special plants which are known to impart knowledge, understanding and guidance to the dietero. These plants open up ones visionary and dreaming abilities. These plants are known as master plants. 

Each plant has its own unique energy, its own unique spectrum of phyto-chemicals and therefore its own unique ablities when it comes to healing and teaching. Not all plants are master plants. Chuchuhuasi, clavohuasca and setico for example, are all extremely powerful plants to diet with when it comes to healing and purification of ones body (both physical and energetic), mind and spirit, but these plants will not open you up energetically and psychically the way master plants do. They will not guide you and teach you through your dreams in the way the master plants do. 

Many master plants tend to be powerful healing plants too. Bobinsana for example, this plant is just as likely to be used in healing dietas as it is in learning dietas.

The Plants

Just about every plant found in nature has healing abilities, having an understanding of the nature of the plants allows you to choose the right plant to diet with for you intentions, whether it be to heal specific ailments or to learn. Master plants are plants which will teach you when you open yourself up to receive the knowledge of the plants. Not all plants are master plants but all plants have the power to heal and to benefit your life when you understand how to work with them. The following are some of the plants we use at Mai Niti for various purposes:


Ayahuma is an extremely powerful master plant which is typically only dieted by advanced dieteros who have previous experience dieting with milder plants. Ayahuma can help the dietero to develop great strength, grounding and stability and help the dietero to release deep traumas and emotion stored in the psyche and energy body. Ayahuma is considered to be one of the most advanced master plant dietas and it is advisable that one only undertakes this dieta under the guidance of a curandero who has experience with this plant.


Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) is a tree which produces bright pink starburst flowers. Bobinsana is a powerful shamanic plant, deeply respected among the indigineous people of the Amazon. It is well known for its power to open the heart and to heal psychospiritual and emotional wounds of the heart, such as grief, pain of loss and heartbreak. Bobinsana is a powerful ally in releasing trauma and healing deep wounds from childhood, past relationships and physical/psychological abuse. Bobinsana gifts the dietero with a greater capacity for love, compassion and empathy.

Chiric sanango

Chiric sanango, along with ayahuma is considered one of the most powerful master plant dietas. Chiric sanango can provide deep, integrative healing on all levels. Sanango is known to transmit profound wisdom, healing and protection to the dietero.


Oje is a powerful cleansing medicine which is well known for its purgative abilities. Dieting with this medicine is excellent for cleansing the body and mind of the toxic residue left by strong addictions such as drug addiction.


Tamamuri is a powerful plant for purification and detoxification of both the physical body and the energy body. Tamamuri can help the dieter release trauma and negative emotional energy trapped in the energy body.


This plant is used for correcting the diet when it goes wrong.