Mai Niti is a family-run plant medicine healing center located in Ucayali, the Amazon region of Peru. The Amazon jungle is known for being home to some of the most adept and powerful healers on the planet, and peoples who have carried and preserved since ancient times, the knowledge and understanding of how to heal the body, mind and spirit.

The plants of the Amazon have the ability to heal and transform you physically, mentally and spiritually, at a level that runs deeper than the mind. To the Shipibo people, the plants are sacred and recognised as powerful healers and teachers.

To the Western mind, these processes of healing and transformation can appear miraculous, but among the indigenous cultures of the Amazon, this is actually quite normal as treating illnesses at their energetic and spiritual roots often results in physical and mental illnesses clearing by themselves.

With strong intention and dedication to your process of healing and transformation, working with the plants has the capacity to completely transform your life, pulling you into alignment with you soul and inner being, and restoring your health physically, mentally and spiritually. Working with the plants may open you up to worlds you didn’t know existed. At Mai Niti, the curanderos are here to support and guide you on your healing journey every step of the way.

Working with these sacred medicines is a path which will resonate with you if you are seeking any of the following:

  • To heal deep rooted traumas and psychic wounds
  • Liberar bloqueos emocionales, psicológicos y espirituales inconscientes.
  • To release deep rooted fears, doubts, and self limiting and toxic beliefs and thought patterns
  • To heal and release emotional problems, including repressed emotions
  • Healing ancestral karma
  • Heal chronic illnesses and mental illnesses at their roots
  • To discover and align with your souls calling


Mental illnesses often have their root cause as unprocessed and unresolved traumas, memories, beliefs and conditioning that exists deep within the psyche, in the subconscious mind. On an energetic level, they are stored as repressed emotions and energetic blockages in the energy body. Through the work with the plants, we can confront these unresolved traumas and emotions and release these energetic blockages.


Since body, mind and spirit are connected, treating the body can help to bring the mind and spirit into alignment. Similarly treating psychological and mental ailments can cause physical issues to be spontaneously healed. In ceremony, the curanderos may be able to see areas of tension and energetic blockages certain areas of your body. In this case, they may help you to physically release these blockages.

In ceremony, the curanderos may be able to see areas in your body which are storing tension and blockages. These tensions may be physical in origin, but may also be emotional or energetic as repressed emotions


Working with the plants is a profoundly powerful way to release depression by accessing the deeper parts of our psyches and addressing the root cause of the depression.

Energetically, when dense energies are purged and transmuted in the energy body, many of the physical and mental symptoms of depression clear up as they have their root in the energetic impressions stored in the energy body. Having some of the weight of the depression lifted, can give us ample inspiration, motivation and energy to go deeper into the mind in order to face and embrace the traumas and unresolved psychic blockages which are at the root cause of the depression. The plants operate on a deep level of consciousness and guide us to the places in the psyche where we need to go in order to process and resolve what is behind the depression.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a manifestation of a desire to escape from ourselves (this desire is often unconscious) and reality. Very commonly, there are deep rooted traumas behind the addiction, quite often coming from childhood. Often times, there is not just one event or trauma that is behind the addiction, but multiple traumas accumulated throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Aprendizajes chamánicos

For those who feel an inner calling to the shamanic path, we offer shamanic apprenticeships in which you will have the opportunity to learn the wisdom and teachings of the plants. The apprenticeship will involve one or more strong dietas with the plants. Dietas such as these can be a very rigorous and demanding process, requiring discipline and dedication.

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