Kambo Ceremony

Kambo Ceremony

All plants and medicines at the center are included, apart from Kambo ceremonies which can be booked separately.

Kambo is the excretion from the giant Amazonian tree frog phyllomedusa bicolor. Kambo has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon to heal a vast range of illnesses, and to impart strength and energy to the body and spirit. Kambo is an extremely powerful purifying agent which detoxifies the body, mind and spirit.

Traditionally the indigenous peoples have used kambo purify the body of panema, which can be viewed as negative energy or bad luck. In the indigenous worldview, panema is the energy which is behind illness, weaknesses and psychospiritual blocks which inhibit us from advancing in life. By purging the panema, illnesses can be healed and blockages can be removed. Like ayahuasca, the spirit of kambo is conscious and intelligent and guides and helps us in the process of purification and healing.

What is a Kambo Ceremony?

Traditionally, intensive healing and transformative work with kambo is done in a ceremonial setting in which a shaman or practitoner administers the kambo to the patient. In a kambo ceremony, a number of small burns (usually 3-6 for beginners) are made on the skin, and wet venom is applied to the burns, this allows the venom to be rapidly absorbed into the body. The venom is applied shortly after drinking a liter of water which will absorb the toxins which are released by your body during the process and allow you to purge them. Similar to ayahuasca ceremonies, intention is very important when working with kambo. At the beginning of the ceremony, one states ones intention, what one wants to accomplish in working with kambo. It is advised to fast on the day before the kambo ceremony as the ceremony will tend to bring on an intense purging process.

Application of Kambo

How is Kambo Prepared?

Kambo is the venom excreted from the glands of a species of Amazonian tree frog, when it is under stress. This is a mechanism the frog uses to protect itself from predators, any predator which attempts to eat the frog will receive a strong dose of venom and instantly back away. Traditionally, indigenous people harvest the venom at night time during the rainy season by gently rub the back of the frog with a piece of wood to collect the secretion. The venom is collected on a flat piece of wood, and allowed to dry, then it can be stored for many years.

After harvesting the excretions, the frog is released back into the jungle.

What Will I Experience During a Kambo Ceremony?

Like ayahuasca, everyone will experience kambo in their own unique way, but there are some common experiences which tend to be shared by almost everyone. Unlike ayahuasca, kambo does not generally bring about a psychedelic visionary experience, kambo is much more likely to be experienced physically. The process tends to bring about a great amount of physical discomfort. Aches, pains, nausea, fatigue, dizziness and sweating are a very common part of the process. This usually culminates in the need to vomit. What comes out is often full of bile and toxins released from the internal organs, it may taste metallic and burn the throat. Sometimes one doesn’t vomit, and instead needs to run to the bathroom, and evacuate from the other end. After purging, a great sense of peace may come, and rapidly the fatigue is replaced with a feeling of rejeuvination and lightness, like a weight has been dropped.

What Can Kambo Cure?

Kambo can be used to help cure all kinds of physical and psychospiritual illnesses, including depression, drug addiction, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. Kambo is particularly effective in treating illnesses related to the gut and digestive system. There are people who have healed from chronic illnesses such as Chron’s disease with the help of kambo.