Retreat Guru

Retreat Guru

The Jungle Meets the Andes: Ayahuasca & Wachuma retreat (10 days)

With Maestra Lucila and Maestro Leonardo

May 15 - 24, 2024
Sacred Valley, Peru
Join us on a transformative journey of self-exploration and discover the profound healing & growth that plant medicine can offer. Our 10-day retreat offers a safe and supportive space where you'll receive individualized attention and care. Our experienced facilitators and shamans will guide you through traditional ceremonies using plant medicines native to the Jungle & the Andes of Peru, allowing you to unlock deep insights about yourself and your life, expand your consciousness, heal past traumas, and tap into your true potential. The retreat is led by the powerful Inuma family from the Shipibo Tribe: Maestro Leonardo, alongside his children,…