Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to questions we frequently receive. If you have a question for us, please check to see if it has already been answered in the FAQs.

Getting Here

The nearest airport to our center is Pucallpa Airport (PCL), which is about 1 hour away from the center.

You can fly to Pucallpa airport easily from Lima (the capital of Peru)

If you are coming from another country such as the US or a European country, to get to Peru, you will most likely need to fly to Lima. From Lima, you then need to go to Pucallpa which is the city nearest to our center.

There are two ways to get to Pucallpa from Lima. The quickest and easiest way is to take a plane which costs 85 - 170 soles ($25 - $50 USD) and takes about 1 hour. The other way is to take the bus which costs 55 - 75 soles ($16 - $22 USD) and takes approximately 20 hours.

To book a coach you can use www.redbus.pe, and to book your flight we suggest using www.Skyscanner.net.

If you would like, we will arrange for you to be collected from Pucallpa airport or Pucallpa coach station, and take you all the way to the center. The Taxi will cost 60 soles.

Summer clothes, comfortable trainers or boots, a jumper for cold nights, some trousers, a long sleeve top, a rain jacket. A torch (phone light will do), toiletries, a towel, bug repellent, flip flops (for the shower), sun block.

You won't *need* anything else, but feel free to bring what you like.

Entry from the states and most European countries does not require a visa. You'll find further information about entering the country here:


The ayahuasca is always, without exception, prepared by the curanderos, the family, and Mai Niti team members. This is very important so that we know exactly how it is made, what plants go into making it and how strong the ayahuasca is.

First, you'll attend a ceremony where you don't drink Ayahuasca but the Curanderos do. They'll use this ceremony to gain guidance on what exactly you need to heal, and also how much you are ready to drink at the next ceremony.

At the next ceremony, you will have a small drink to see how you get along and ensure that you are completely comfortable with the effects.

From there you will drink as much as is suitable.

If you've got past experience with Ayahuasca, you will likely be able to drink in the first ceremony.

When all safety precautions are taken, Ayahuasca is a very safe substance to work with.

We check up on guests medications and whether they've had previous mental health conditions prior to their arrival so that we can best advise on preparation.

If guests were to have a difficult time in ceremony, the curanderos can lower the effects of the ayahuasca using certain substances (such as lemons) and shamanic techniques (the curanderos have icaros to calm the effects of the medicine)

"We haven't had guests lose control in ceremony because firstly we give just a little bit of Ayahuasca to check the person's response and then we increase the amount little by little ceremony after ceremony. In this way, we avoid negative reactions from guests."

Lucila's husband Augusto attends ceremonies to help in case of any issues. There is always a facilitator who speaks English and Spanish in the ceremony also, and Mishako (Lucila's brother) and other family members are always nearby to help ensure the complete safety of all guests in attendance.

Yes, Ayahuasca and all other plant medicines that the Shamans work with are 100% legal.

The traditional usage of Ayahuasca practiced by the native communities of the Amazon have been officially declared part of the national heritage of Peru.

Staying Here

We provide clean filtered drinking water for all guests.

The CDC and WHO recommend vaccinations when travelling to Peru.

You can find useful information about vaccinations here: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/peru

Many guests come here without vaccinations or malaria tablets and none have become ill whilst staying here - however, it's best to make this decision yourself or with the advice of your doctor.

No, you don't need to speak Spanish. Throughout your stay there will be a Spanish / English translator available 24/7, including in ceremonies, so that you can always communicate with the healers and anyone else.

At times, you'll hear sounds form the local fruit sellers, neighbors playing music, the occasional mototaxi or boat, and the usual sounds you'd expect from living in a close knit community.

There is the option for isolation and complete silence in the family farm, but we advise that you discuss this option with us prior to joining us. It's worth mentioning that most guests come to enjoy life in San Francisco, noises included!

Our Shamans recommend the 15-day retreat, or more, to experience the full benefits of the medicine. 8 days is often enough - but 15 days is the safer choice.

Many people's processes require a lot more time than this though - for this reason, if you're coming with a specific healing intention or if you wish to heal physical ailments and you have time available to dedicate to your process, it's highly advised to first discuss your stay with Maestra Lucila so that she can give you an idea of how long your process is likely to take.

No - there is no requirement to drink any Ayahuasca at all. In fact, traditionally someone would visit the Shaman, who would drink Ayahuasca to assist the patient, but there would be no drinking on the patient's part. There is also the option to drink the Ayahuasca vine brew alone - when the Ayahuasca vine is not mixed with Chakruna (the DMT containing plant) there are no psychedelic effects. There are also multiple plants that we work with at the center that have no psychedelic effects.

There is the option to drink the Ayahuasca vine brew alone - when the Ayahuasca vine is not mixed with Chakruna (the DMT containing plant) there are no psychedelic effects. There are also multiple plants that we work with at the center that have no psychedelic effects. There are also multiple plants and treatments that don't involve any Ayahuasca drinking whatsoever, it's purely optional.


It's recommended to come off most medications prior to attending an Ayahuasca ceremony.

The following link contains comprehensive advice about medications and foods to avoid prior to taking Ayahuasca.

If you're on medications, please ensure that you read the above link. In some cases it's worth getting advice from your doctor prior to discontinuing meds.

You'll find information about foods that can be a health risk with Ayahuasca here:

Some books are better than others. We find that people who have read a lot of information about Ayahuascsa sometimes become confused - as Ayahuasca is a very individual experience, listening to other's stories and perceptions can pull you away from your own relationship with the medicine. There is no need to read anything related to Ayahuasca - when you arrive, we'll guide you, and you'll cultivate your own relationship and understanding of what the medicine is and isn't. We'll guide you regarding how to work with it.

The best thing you can do, in terms of reading, is create instead. This means playing music, making art, writing poetry, journalling.

Books worth reading are those which are spiritual or around self development: The four agreements, A New Earth, The Power Of Now, Fear.

Other books are OK also - but it's recommended to spend as much time in silence, creativity, and non-distraction as you can manage.